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12/15/2002 UPDATE: Dental records from the unidentified Jane Doe "orange sock" were matched to the three missing girls. Results indicated that there was no match.

12/1/2002 - This picture was e-mailed to me from a private investigator who read my web site. Originally he had thought there were similarities to Rachael but after viewing the picture I think it looks more like Renee. This Jane Doe was killed by Henery Lee Lucas the serial killer in Georgetown, Texas in 1978. She was hitch-hiking back to Houston Texas, according to Henery Lucas he also claimed she was a prostitute. Her naked body was found in 1978 in Georgetown Texas in a culvert. She was wearing only one orange sock giving her the name orange sock. This Jane Doe to this day has not been identified. This is a picture of Renee when she disappeared in 1974 next to Jane Doe "orange sock".

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Rusty Arnold

Orange Sock Jane Doe


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August 2001 KRLD Radio Interview with Rusty Arnold by Ernie Brown: LISTEN Online

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Man Says he witnessed 1974 disappearance of Ft. Worth Girls
KXAS NBC5 Scott Gordon Apr 13, 2001

New details renew search in 1974 case; more witnesses, technology revive quest to find 3 girls last seen at mall

By Deanna Boyd, Star-Telegram 3.30.2001


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